Working Together

Having orthodontic treatment is a result of two people agreeing. That is: the Clinician at Accessible Orthodontics agreeing that it is appropriate and you agreeing that you want it. After that the end result of your own Patient Journey will depend on both our skills and guidance and you, as a Patient, following that guidance and taking responsibility for your mouth and teeth and braces.

You MUST be responsible for braces-friendly and teeth-friendly behaviour during the entire Treatment Journey. You MUST take responsibility for following advice and guidance you are given. For Patients who are children your parent or guardian will join you with those responsibilities. Doing those responsible things, though, is actually EASY – we provide all sorts of simple ways to understand and follow the behaviour you should follow for a very successful Treatment. Summaries of the things our Patients find useful are set out under the following Headings.

As part of us working together, we collect personal information about our Patients and use it in their best interests. We keep it secure, up to date and confidential. Our current Privacy Notice describes the type of personal information we hold, why we hold it, who has access to it and what we do with it. It also makes clear what rights you have in relation to that information and how you can contact us to exercise your rights. For access at any time simply click on this link Privacy Notice

As part of us working together, we collect and use information about our Patients. We keep it secure, up to date and confidential. To read our Data Protection Documents, click here.