Feedback and Testimonials

We believe that our Team do a very good job at providing every Patient with the best possible experience. They are very talented BUT they are not mind-readers.

We promise that if YOU have some feedback or an observation to make and you are willing to share it with us we will take the time to read it. That is because when you take the time to tell us how well you think we are doing we take the time to pay attention and respond accordingly.

There are two different ways that have been designed for you to do that. They only take a few moments ……..

The Family and Friends Test can be done at any time by our Patients. It is an easy way for us to find out what things are working for Patients (so we can keep doing them) and what things we might be able to do better. The Testimonials Section is usually used when Patients have completed their Treatment.

Either way when we have your responses to share with them, you provide our whole Team with valuable information.